Process To Change The PMIX Architecture

Changes to the PMIX National Architecture may be proposed to the Executive Committee by any PDMP Representative, Advisory member, Subcommittee, or interested person. All proposed changes to the PMIX National Architecture shall undergo the following process prior to being implemented:

  • The Executive Committee shall review the proposal, and, if the proposal is determined to be reasonable, the Executive Committee shall assign it to a Subcommittee for consideration for a specified amount of time.
  • The Subcommittee, to which the proposal was assigned, shall review and amend the proposal, in consultation with other Subcommittees, if appropriate, and vote to either recommend or not recommend the proposal to the Executive Committee for further consideration within the amount of time specified by the Executive Committee.
  • If the Subcommittee votes to recommend the proposal for further consideration by the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall review the proposal, including any amendments made by the Subcommittee. The Executive Committee shall vote to post the proposal for comments or deny the proposal within two calendar months.
  • If the Executive Committee votes to post the proposal for comments, the Executive Committee shall, to the best of its ability, post the proposal in a manner viewable by PDMP Organizations for a period of time between 15 and 30 days and provide written notice to interested parties, including all PDMP Organizations. In the notice, the Executive Committee shall include the following information: Description of the Change; Reason(s) for the change; Instructions on how PDMP Organizations may review and comment on the proposal (The Executive Committee may request PDMP Organizations that disagree with the proposal to describe in writing their reasons); Anticipated Date of Implementation of the Proposal if approved by the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee shall provide written responses to all comments in a reasonable amount of time and in a manner viewable by all PDMP Organizations.
  • Following responding to all comments, the Executive Committee shall vote to take one of the following actions with the proposal: Approve the proposal; Amend and approve the proposal; Deny the proposal
  • If the Executive Committee approves the proposal, the proposal shall be implemented on the anticipated implementation date or thereafter.
  • If the Executive Committee denies the proposal, the proposal may be returned to the Sub-committee for reconsideration