Rx Check

A No-Cost Solution for Nationwide Prescription Drug Information Sharing

Proven – Dynamic – Flexible – Secure

Prescription drug information sharing strategies are an important part of combatting the national epidemic of prescription misuse and drug overdose deaths. The value to prescribers and dispensers of sharing prescription data across state lines and integrating prescription data access with electronic health record systems is well established.

RxCheck provides states the ability to easily participate in the growing movement of nationwide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data sharing and integration. RxCheck was developed with support from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), using the Prescription Monitoring Information Exchange (PMIX) National Architecture specifications. RxCheck was designed with the involvement of state PDMP administrators, private industry, and the federal government. RxCheck is currently operated by BJA and is governed by the RxCheck Governing Body consisting of PDMP representatives from participating states. The participating states maintain full ownership and control of their data.

Governance Board Chair
Gayle Donaldson – Kansas
(785) 608-1023
Governance Board Vice-Chair
Chelsea Townsend – South Carolina
(803) 896-0689
Governance Board Secretary
Austin Weaver – California
(916) 210-3179
Technical Support
Robert May – IJIS Institute