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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is RxCheck?

RxCheck is a fully operational hub that enables states to securely and efficiently share Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data. RxCheck was developed with support from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), using the Prescription Monitoring Information Exchange (PMIX) National Architecture specifications. RxCheck was designed with the involvement of state PDMP administrators, private industry, and the federal government. The RxCheck system infrastructure has been tested and validated, and includes the latest design improvements to meet the needs of state PDMPs.

What is PMIX Architecture?

The PMIX National Architecture is an information exchange standard and related guidelines that enable interoperability between systems used by PDMPs for interstate data exchange. The architecture is comprised of a formal set of technical requirements that apply to state PDMP systems, data sharing ‘hubs’, and other exchange partners or intermediaries. The PMIX Architecture and guidelines provide the structure to make PDMP interoperability possible while reducing the risk and cost of implementation. The PMIX Architecture has four guiding principles:

  • Protect states’ full rights and control of data ownership
  • Promote the adoption of security standards that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data in transit and at rest
  • Promote uniformity in the selection of a limited set of approved common data standards
  • Promote a standard to which information technology solution providers are held that ensures the best value products and/or services to PDMP participating states, while maintaining the public’s trust and fulfilling public policy objectives
How do States Connect to RxCheck?
Please visit the RxCheck web site at www.pdmpassist.org/content/rx-check to identify RxCheck contacts who can provide more information about the connection process, or to download the RxCheck Connection Technical Assistance Guide. Most state PDMPs connect to RxCheck using the PMIX State Routing Service (SRS). The PMIX SRS provides PMIX compliant service hosting, request/response message validation, role based site authorization, full message routing, and has been certified via the PMIX Springboard Conformance Test process to ensure full interoperability with RxCheck.
Who Operates Rx Check?
RxCheck is currently operated by BJA and is governed by the RxCheck Governance Board consisting of PDMP representatives from participating states. The RxCheck Governance Board exercises full operational control of the hub. The participating states maintain full ownership and control of their data.
What is the Cost of Using RxCheck?
There is currently no cost for using the RxCheck hub. RxCheck is fully funded by BJA, and state PDMPs pay no costs to participate.
Are There Costs Associated with Developing a Connection to RxCheck?
There may be costs incurred by a state to implement the PMIX State Routing Service, or that may be charged by your PDMP software vendor to implement the RxCheck interface. Guidance from the BJA allows Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (HRPDMP) grant funds to be used to support interstate data sharing through PMIX-conformant hubs such as RxCheck. Through the PDMP Training Technical Assistance Center (TTAC) at Brandeis University, BJA can provide technical assistance at no cost to participating states to help them connect to the RxCheck hub. States may also be able to use approved HRPDMP funding to develop their connection to RxCheck or to cover state PDMP vendor costs associated with connecting to RxCheck.
Does RxCheck Allow Interstate Data Sharing with Other Hubs?
RxCheck has the capability to support data sharing with other RxCheck participating states as well as with states that use other data sharing hubs. The RxCheck Governance Board is committed to the full realization of the PMIX Architecture by enabling hub-to-hub data sharing and integration with Health Information Exchanges and Electronic Health Record systems.
What is the Value of Using RxCheck?
RxCheck provides a PMIX-conformant solution for state PDMPs to securely share data. RxCheck offers a proven approach that is technically and operationally sound. The RxCheck hub is flexible enough that it fits into existing business practices and provides a cost-effective and reliable methodology for sharing data. RxCheck allows prescribers and dispensers to securely share the critical PDMP data needed to help reduce prescription drug abuse and drug overdose deaths.

These FAQs are also available in PDF format.