Rx Check

A No-Cost Solution for Nationwide Prescription Drug Information Sharing

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Governance Board

RxCheck maintains a commitment to a data sharing solution and allows PDMPs to maintain ownership of, direct control over, and access to their data. The RxCheck Governance Board was formed to:

  • Provide for governance by the states of the RxCheck system and other technology resources to facilitate interstate sharing of PDMP data, integration of PDMP data with electronic health record systems, and for other means which will promote public health and safety;
  • Establish a basic organizational framework for governing the development, acquisition, and use of the RxCheck system and other technology resources;
  • Promote use of the RxCheck system as a tool to improve public health and safety by enhancing the ability of state, commonwealth, district and territory PDMPs to reduce pharmaceutical drug misuse, abuse and diversion;
  • Promote use of the RxCheck system as a tool to simplify and enhance the ability of authorized health care providers to access PDMP data to assist with patient treatment and improve patient outcomes;
  • Foster the adoption of open standards for the PDMP data sharing technology infrastructure and to maintain conformance to the Prescription Monitoring Information Exchange (PMIX) National Architecture.