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Nationally, PDMPs are operated by various state agencies including health, board of pharmacy, law enforcement, etc. Funding for PDMPs is generally through state general funds, but may be supplemented with grants and dedicated state funds. Understanding how and when PDMPs were established and how they evolved provides a better understanding of PDMPs today. PDMP Administrators, stakeholders and the public will be interested in the history of PDMPs and other relevant PDMP information.

BJA Harold Rogers PDMP Grant Recipients

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Grant enhances the capacity of regulatory and law enforcement agencies and public health officials to collect and analyze controlled substance prescription data and other scheduled chemical products through a centralized database administered by an authorized agency. The goal of the Harold Rogers PDMP Grant is to support state and local governments in detecting and preventing the diversion and misuse of pharmaceutically controlled substances such as opioids and other prescription drugs. Grant funds may be used to support a variety of PDMP implementation or enhancement activities that encourage the use of PDMPs to improve clinical decision making and prevent the misuse and diversion of controlled substances.

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Directory of PDMP Internet Sites

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Report — 07/01/2024

Analysis of Prescription Opioid Overdose Death Statistics

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Report — 05/24/2024

PDMP Policies and Capabilities: Results From 2023 State Assessment

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Report — 01/08/2024

Overview of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)

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Report — 03/27/2023

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Research Requests

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Report — 03/27/2023

PDMP Policies and Capabilities: Results From 2022 State Assessment

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Report — 12/08/2022

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: Overview

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Video — 11/09/2022

Recommendations for Best Practices on Dispenser Compliance and Data Integrity

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Report — 08/29/2022

Prescription Opioid Overdose Deaths: Analysis and Recommendations (rev. 2022)

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Report — 02/16/2022

Recommended Best Practices for Veterinary Prescriptions

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Report — 01/31/2022

PDMP Policies and Capabilities: Results From 2021 State Assessment

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Report — 09/21/2021

42 CFR Part 2 and PDMPs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Report — 06/10/2021

PDMP Policies and Capabilities: Results From 2020 State Assessment

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Report — 01/11/2021

Veterinary Best Practices

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Article — 07/10/2020

History of Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

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Publication — 03/14/2018

PDMP Administrators' Orientation Package

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Publication — 03/14/2018



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